Fire Sprinkler Systems Repairs & Upgrades in the Greater Memphis Area

Tier 1 Fire will support its customers with emergency repairs, remodels, upgrades, and additions. As our customers continue to grow and expand in their business, these changes sometimes affect their fire life safety equipment. Fire sprinkler heads and pipes get damaged or broken and need repair due to facility modification. Lack of maintenance could result in failure of equipment, requiring service. Regardless of the need Tier 1 Fire will take care of it.

When customers call our staff, they will be connected with a knowledgeable Partner Expert. A Partner Expert will visit the customers location, assess the need(s), and advise the customer on the best solution. A quote will be drafted that outlines the proposed solutions and costs. Once the customer has signed the quote, our Partner Expert will work with our skilled staff to order materials, schedule the work, and complete the job.

We call this our Partnership Promise. Tier 1 Fire will provide customers with a Partner Expert who will make valuable recommendations to meet the actual needs of the customer.

Your Partner in Fire Sprinkler System Compliance

An automatic fire sprinkler system can play a key role in saving lives and protecting buildings from the dangers of fires. Installing fire sprinkler systems in commercial buildings is important in staying in compliance with local laws, but installation is just the first step. Reaching out to a company like Tier 1 Fire Protection that specializes in the regular maintenance and repair of fire sprinklers is always a good idea to ensure the job is done right.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about water-based fire protection systems.

How Often Should Fire Sprinklers Be Serviced?

Fire sprinkler systems need to be serviced regularly. National Fire Protection Association requires you to make repairs quickly to any sprinkler system that has been damaged, is leaking, or is any other way been noted to have items that are deficient. Regular fire sprinkler system service plays an important role in helping you maintain code compliance while also reducing false alarms. Reaching out to a company offering regular maintenance is essential in keeping commercial buildings safe.

How Do You Service a Fire Sprinkler System?

Using a licensed service provider for fire protection systems is critical. These professionals will ensure that everything is working correctly while also meeting building code requirements.

How Often Do You Need to Inspect Sprinkler Systems?

Commercial fire sprinkler system inspections play a key role in safety for building owners. Performing an annual fire sprinkler inspection isn’t enough, the National Fire Protection Association requires visual inspections monthly and testing for your fire sprinkler system quarterly. If the sprinkler heads or sprinkler pipes need repair or replacement, it’s important to go ahead and have that work done so that your sprinkler system is always ready.

A sprinkler inspection will identify any areas of concern for a business owner. Inspecting your system while performing routine maintenance is always a top priority in the fire protection industry. These inspections will play an important role in giving property owners peace of mind.

If your facility has had modifications made, it’s also a good idea to have a fire protection expert take a look and make any recommendations about any upgrades or repairs that may be necessary.

Tier 1 Fire Protection is an ideal safety partner for owners of commercial properties. Our expert technicians can assess your sprinkler system requirements, make any necessary repairs or upgrades, and help ensure that your sprinkler system is ready to always protect your property. Contact us today to schedule our services!

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