Backflow Device Inspections in the Greater Memphis Area

Whether it’s residential or commercial, backflows are required to have annual inspections and inspection reports sent to the local jurisdiction. Once the inspection is complete the technician will review the findings of the inspection with the customer. Copies of the reports are sent to both the customer and the local jurisdiction, where required.

Following the inspection if any findings are discovered Tier 1 Fire’s team will create a quote. Customers will be sent the quote by one of Tier 1 Fire’s qualified Partner Experts. Once the customer has signed the quote, our Partner Expert will work with our skilled staff to order materials, schedule the work, and complete the job.

What Is a Backflow Preventer Device, and What Does It Do?

Backflow preventers are devices installed in water supply lines to direct water in the intended direction and prevent reverse direction flow. Installed in potable water supply lines, double check valves and standard check valves halt the backward flow of water. Backflow prevention assemblies prevent drinking water from being contaminated by suspended solids, liquids, and gases.

Naturally, the water in your pipes should flow in a single direction, but when the water pressure changes, the direction of water flow may also change, and the water may flow backward. It’s crucial to install and maintain a high-quality backflow device to keep your water safe from contamination.

Why Backflow Device Inspections are Important

Annual backflow prevention inspections are important for both commercial and residential properties to prevent instances of dirty water contaminating the public water distribution system. Installation of backflow prevention devices and backflow prevention assemblies in commercial properties helps minimize contaminated water flowing into the water taps of homes, restaurants, and other businesses, but it’s just as important to ensure via regular inspections that these devices continue to function after they are installed.

Ensuring Clean Drinking Water

Local building codes in different counties have unique backflow device testing and backflow device requirements designed to keep the public water supply safe, clean and healthy to drink. Through a backflow device inspection, property owners get to know the health status of their drinking water and whether the water is at risk of getting contaminated. Backflows can severely impact the affected families as they can cause injuries, illnesses, and even death.

It’s a legal requirement to get backflow preventer inspections and present the reports to the necessary local jurisdiction. It is also required by law to create and implement the proper backflow prevention programs to protect against water contamination.

What to Expect During a Backflow Device Inspection

Inspecting backflow prevention devices involves checking the double check valves and pressure principal devices to know their condition and the current water pressure. A Tier 1 Fire Protection technician will test and check the pressure rate in every section of your water piping system after first turning off the downstream shut-off value, performing a visual inspection of the device, and then testing the differential pressure between the check valves. The action that follows will depend on whether the backflow device has passed or failed the test.

If you need annual testing for a backflow prevention device, give Tier 1 Fire Protection a call and we’ll get you scheduled!

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